Soap Bubbles

We offer a few packages:Bubble pro01

Our full Indoor Bubble Show performance is a unique and special entertainment package Extraordinaire for your party or event with beautiful soap bubbles in all shapes and sizes. Enjoy bouncy bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, smoke bubbles, square bubbles, giant bubbles and even fire bubbles! The Bubble show is interactive and is suitable for all ages. Children and adults all enjoy the unique bubbling! A draft-free indoor space with a minimum ‘stage’ area of 2.5m x 2.5m is needed. The floor in your home or venue will be covered so there is no mess for you to worry about. The Bubble Show lasts approx 45 minutes, this will comfortably fill your party, allowing time for the children to arrive before the show and then to have a break for your party food & games after the show.
Indoor Bubble Show – $275+ travel (for up to 20 participants)
from $350 for large audiences, please inquire


For our Bubble Activity we offer either an outdoor bubbling fun in your garden, the park, the beach or any other outdoor environment- where we will create thousands of soap P1100473bubbles of all shapes and sizes, allowing the children to chase, pop and play with the bubbles- energetic fun for all! Or for an indoor space we offer an activity where the children get the opportunity to stand inside a giant bubble! You can choose between outdoor bubble activity or indoor bubble activity or a combination of both- which is our most popular option . Overall 45 minutes of bubbling entertainment. Whatever the weather is, the Children always get to have lots and lots of fun with our bubbles while the adults can enjoy watching the magic and beauty of our soapy creations and join in the fun! This is a more simple/budget option compared to our full indoor bubble show.
Bubble Activity (indoor/outdoor/combo) –  $175 + travel (for up to 20 participants)
from $250 for large audiences, please inquire


In Large Indoor Events, we can perform our full indoor bubble show, only in large scale and amplified for large audiences such as school assemblies, libraries and museums – the show comes in a 45-minute version or in a shortened 20-minute version according to your needs. Alternatively, we can create dazzling bubble art creations with beautiful background music to suite your desired atmosphere using our unique Bubble-Table and/or put people inside a giant bubble, this is especially suitable for corporate entertainment or for a promotional meet & greet nspace.
In Large Outdoor Events, we can provide an informal activity space where children can enjoy chasing and playing with giant bubbles throughout the day while the adults get to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of our Bubble Displays.  We have performed in schools, nurseries, care-homes, museums, libraries and festivals around the world. Our Bubbles are suitable for birthdays, weddings, promotional events, sports events, shopping malls, festivals etc. So that we can create a package to suite your needs please contact us for further information and bookings.
Large indoor/outdoor Events  – Please contact us to inquire